Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy explains how collects and make use of information especially when you interact with us. This policy also applies to users of all published retail sites on our website as well as all mobile device apps offered by us, including IOS, and Android applications. Please read the Privacy policy carefully and if you do not agree with it, we implore you not to register, create an account nor use any of our services. Your use of our services is subjected to our terms and conditions, and please contact us if you have any question about our Privacy Policy.

  1. The types of personal information we collect

A personal information is one that can be used in identifying, locating and contacting an individual. We do collect the following types of personal information;

▪ Contact information – allows us to communicate with you and it includes ; names, postal and email addresses.

▪ Relationship information: helps us identify who you are and types of advertisements, products and stores you like to visit.

▪ Transaction information- These information include how your interact with our services, for instance, the coupons you view.

▪ Location information- this information helps us determine your geographical location.

▪ Analytics information- this defines your mode of website usage, for instance, your device ID, , access time and IP address are analytics information we collect.

  1. How collects personal information

We may ask for some personal information when you register, or subscribe to our services online, we may also ask you for relationship and gender information in order for you to register for some of our services. We also request information when you access our website via more than one device. Information posted on forums, chats and other interactive contents on our sites may also be used. If you have any question about our privacy settings, you can refer to all instructions provided by your device manufacturer or network service provider. We may also supplement all these personal information with those collected from our third party partners.

  1. How we use your personal information uses your personal information for various reasons, including the following;

  • Improve and operate services rendered,
  • Provide relevant advertisements based on characteristics and personal preferences,
  • Evaluate users’ eligibility for certain products and services, such as coupons and discount codes,
  • Evaluate types of coupons, products and services that may interest users,
  • Track the redemption of coupons and deploy analytics,
  • Provide user support and implement requests speedily,
  • Send reminders, updates and security alerts to users,
  • Provide commercial notification when users arrive at nearby stores,
  • Infer the locations most visited by users,
  • Provide advertisements through third party websites,
  • Help users verify their accounts and activities,
  • Manage everyday business requirements, including web design and fraud prevention.
  • To carry out all other duties for which your consent has been requested.


  1. When and why discloses personal information

Our website make use of your personal information, for the following reasons;

  • For affiliate organizations who may need your personal information for purposes mentioned in number 3 above.
  • With our service providers, who assist us for purpose mentioned in number 3 above
  • Merchants, but only when you retrieve their coupons or enter their contests and this allows them to contact you directly.
  • Our business partners and advertisers, as part of their contests or in conjunction with our website.
  • To effect sales, merger or acquisition or protect rights of products and services. And
  • For any other reasons, with your consent.


  1. Cookies and all other related technologies

We do collect some information by electronic means, anytime you use our website, these technologies include cookies, and browser analytics tools. Your browser communicates with our servers, anytime you use our website, while our third party partners record your activities , in order to fill up your requests for certain information , products and services.

The web cookies we use to store information can be found on your web browsers, and you can also opt out of our tracking by visiting “your choices” section below. While some cookie are temporary, they may be configured to last longer. We use cookies to collect many information, for instance, the device used to access our website, and we may also share some non-identifiable information about your preferences with our partners.

  1. Your Choices

We can help personalize your experience if we are aware of your preferences , and you have many choices to limit the channels through which we communicate with you, these include the following;

▪ Email

You can manage your email from your PC by checking the “Settings” option, and you can also click “unsubscribe” from the email we send to you.

▪ Opt out of tracking

The best possible way to opt out of our tracking is to adjust your browser’s privacy and security settings. This means your computer will stop accepting new cookies.

▪ Mobile

If you access our website from your mobile devices, you can manage your personal information by adjusting the setting and either choose allow or prevent access to location.

  1. Accessing and correcting your personal information

We keep your personal information to ensure that we deliver the best coupons and discount codes to you, and there are several things you can do to keep these personal information safe and current. You can simply access, update and delete personal information you share with us, by logging unto our services via your computer and then clicking on “profile link”. Please contact us if you want to close your account or have more information. we will retain your personal information as long as your account is still active with us but if you delete your account, we will retain some information in order to fulfill our legal obligations.

  1. Security of personal information

We do follow the general acceptable industry standards for protecting your personal information. We do monitor our systems regularly to prevent vulnerable attacks. If you have any questions as regards security of personal information, please contact us.

  1. Notice to all residents outside of the USA

Your personal information may be transferred to our affiliates, partners and other third parties, even though our main office is situated in USA. By providing u with personal information, you consent to the sharing and transfer of such information. You also acknowledge that such information may be access by certain government, court, law enforcement officials and some other security authorities of the United States of America. We do ensure that we will protect the privacy of your information regardless of where it is stored and processed.

  1. The Privacy practices of third parties

Privacy policy only addresses the use and disclosure of information, while other services or information can be access through our links with third party retailers and brands. Third party merchants and partners may provide their own privacy policies and you must familiarize yourself with such before disclosing any personal information.

  1. Communities

There are numerous communities available in our services where you can post relevant information, communicate with other users and even review coupons. Please read our terms of user before posting these information, because your posts will be accessible to everyone online. Try and avoid posting your personal information in the public and if you have any question about this, please contact us.

  1. Changes to the private policy

We may notify you on changes to this privacy policy from time to time, in other to clarify or reflect new practices. We will notify you by email if we make any changes to this privacy policy,  and your continued access of our website means you have consented to the revised privacy policy.

  1. Children’s privacy

We do not intend to add any portion on our website that can be used by children under the age of 13. By using our services, you represent that you are 13 years or older, and you are aware that you must be 13 years or older in order to open an account. We will promptly delete any account that you have created, if we discover that you are not up to 13 years of age.  For more on the legal requirements needed to create a profile or account and start using our services, please contact us.