Terms of use

The following conditions will apply to the use of couponcodes.store,

Effective date” 10th August, 2016

  1. The Acceptance of Terms

Couponcodes.store, provides a marketplace for digital coupons all around the world, and these services include; (1) access to the website via the URL link; www.couponcodes.store alongside any other website that links our partners’ brands with our terms. (2) All mobile device apps that has been branded as couponcodes.store, and link to our terms. The services we render for instance, will allow our site users to access the coupons offered by third party retailers and brands, either online or in-store. By using our services, you agree to comply and abide by the legal terms and conditions of the following terms and use, whether you become a registered user or not. The terms you agreed to here will govern your access to the use of available services, they will also constitute the legal agreement, binding between you and owners of the website. Please ensure that you read the following terms carefully. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions, we implore you, not to use the services.


Couponcodes.store may change its terms from time to time, and may also modify, discontinue or add any content or feature, at its own discretion. Your continue usage of the services on this website following the modification or posting of changes means you have agreed to such changes. You agree to such changes to the extent that a court of appropriate jurisdiction will determine if the applicable changes shall be enforceable contracts and such changes will be applicable on prospective basis only, with respect to circumstances surrounding the date of applying such changes.

Unauthorized reproduction, access, copying, publication, sale, re-transmission, sale and exploitation or any other form of usage of information or any other portion of this website , including all services , contents, digital products  and tools are hereby prohibited expressly.

  1. Community Participation
    • Registration

In order to utilize some parts of this service, you may be asked to complete a registration process and set up an account with the website. You must ensure that all information you provide to us, are accurate, current and complete, and that the accuracies and completeness of these information will be maintained on a timely and prompt basis.

For more information on this type of service, kindly visit our FAQ page.

  • Password and Security

As a registered user of this type of service, you may be required to set up a username and a password or more than one password. You will be solely responsible for the maintenance of the confidentiality of your password and accounts with the website. You agree and understand that you are solely responsible for all actions; including all postings and that you cannot create a transferrable account. You also agree to notify the website’s administrators immediately you notice any unauthorized activities in your account.

  • Privacy

Couponcodes.store respects the privacies of its users, and the privacy policy provided through the website and the app, is incorporated expressly by reference and made part of the Terms and conditions of the usage of the site.

  • User generated contents

This site does not preview or pre-screen all contents contributed by users, however, the site has the exclusive right to remove any content contributed without prior notice. By posting any content here, you represent all warrant that; (1) You own the rights and interests of your posted contents, including the release, contents, license, and authorization from all third parties necessary to use such contents. (2)such a posted content is in public domain, and (3) your use of such contents contribute to fair usage and you have 100% assurance that posting such contents does not constitute a breach of patent, copyright , and intellectual property , or breach of an agreement with an individual or entity.

You must also agree that the following contents must not be posted on the site;

  • Adult contents, (2) contents promoting hate or abuse, (3) content promoting explicit or vulgar language, (4) contents promoting illegal activities, including religious, political, metaphysical, and psychic services. (5) Contents promoting pirated software. (6) Contents intended to spread malicious contents such as a virus. (7) Contents disparaging someone or entity. (8) Any content violating laws and regulations. (9) Any other content considered inappropriate.


  • License to couponcodes.store

By posting or making content contributions or providing feedback for any services on the site, either through ideas and suggestions, you are granting the website a non-royalty, non-exclusive worldwide license to use the content.  Posting your content on the site also gives our website the following; (1) the right to copy, distribute, reformat, translate and edit the content into a collective work, (2) the right of sub-licensing the content’s license, without any obligation or notice.

  • Acts against services rendered at couponcodes.store

Couponcodes.store gives you a limited and non-exclusive and non-transferrable license to access and make use of all services provided solely for your own private and personal use in a manner permitted by terms and conditions. You must not engage in the following harmful use of the site’s services;

  • The use of services in such a way that it contravenes any other agreement you are a party to (2), causing another individual to impersonate you. (3) Sharing your login details with others. (4) Creating multiple accounts, and forging other accounts, or impersonating any individual or entity. (5) logging unto unauthorized server or accounts. (6) Forging usernames, and impersonating individuals or entities. (7) Faking the usage of services. (8) Using software to crawl or access some of the pages or services on the site. (8) Introducing Trojan horses, viruses, and other codes that may harm the website. (9) Interfering or trying to interfere with the use of services by others, or spamming and crashing of services. (10) Tampering with the operation of website’s security services. (11) Misusing and disrupting the functionality of services. (12) Collecting email addresses of clients and users. (13) Attempting to derive source code of any intellectual property. (14) Engaging in framing or simulation of the appearance or functioning of the site . (15) Forging of TCP/IP packet header. (16) deep-linking any part of services without permission. (16) Acting illegally against the business interest of the site. (17) Using the site’s service to solicit any advertisement whether political, commercial or religious. (18) Re-selling your access to our services. (19) Using services in soliciting other users of services , merchants or partners to become users of other online or offline services that are directly or indirectly in competition with couponcodes.store.
  • Parental Notice

In pursuant to 47 U.S.C , Section 230(d), as amended, www.couponcodes.store hereby notifies you of its parental control policies to limit access to software, hardware and filter services to assist you limit access to harmful materials for minors.

  1. Content

3.1. Information Accuracy

This site does not make any reference or warranty to the accuracies of offers, discounts, rebates and coupons offered by third parties. Thus, couponcodes.store is not liable to any damages that may occur from the use of such.

3.2 Linking

Linking to or from services rendered here does not imply that couponcodes.store is endorsed by any third party, therefore this site bears no responsibility for any harm resulting from such linkages.

3.3 Trademark Information

You agree wholly to the trademark, names, logos and other features that are displayed via services on this site including those displayed by third parties.

3.4 Intellectual Property Ownership

All rights, titles and interests, including copyrights, interests and Trademarks on the website, are exclusive to couponcodes.store. Any content on the site cannot be used without license or grant from the site. You may not modify, delete, augment or edit any intellectual properties on this website.

3.5 Digital Millennium Copyright Act Policy

Procedures and Notice for Takedown

It is our policy to respond to any notice of copyright infringement, and we will contact the affected party immediately. We do act according to procedures outlined in the DMCA. Please contact our email for more information.

Infringement Notification

If you believe a copyright infringement has occurred on your property, please contact our designated agent on our email.

Counter Notification

To counter-notify us, please contact our designated agent at email supplied above.

  1. Disclaimers, Release & Limitation of Liability

4.1. Disclaimer

Services are provided by couponcodes.store on availability only, and you agree that the uses of these services are at your own risk.

4.2 Release

You agree that you are solely responsible for your interaction with Merchants and other users of the site.

4.3 Limitation of Liability

Couponcodes.store will not be responsible for any damages occurring from the use of any of its services.