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What About Surfshark One and DNS Leaks?

With Surfshark you can enjoy private DNS on each server so that you can browse freely no matter which server you are connected to. I put the app through virus tests which gave remarkably clean results. I further checked for DNS leaks and IP leaks while connected to the Surfshark servers. I checked for leaks on ipleak.net and dnsleak.com but could not detect any sort of leaks whatsoever. The app surely does not compromise on security. There was no DNS leaks or any other leaks for that matter when changing servers which is appreciatable. Even if there is a chance of DNS leakage or IP address leakage due to unforeseen circumstances, the kill switch instantly comes to life to keep your online information under tight wraps.

Compatible Devices

Surfshark is compatible with almost every known operating platform. The usual culprits such as Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS can all work with this VPN. On top of that Surfshark has browser extensions for Chrome as well as Firefox. SmartTVs and routers are not excluded by Surfshark and neither are the ever-popular gaming consoles. Thus with just one account, you can connect whatever platform you want to and enjoy unlimited privacy online.

How to Apply Surfshark One Coupon Codes Guide

Promotional codes and coupon codes are discount codes which offer heavily discounted prices or other attractive offers like cash-back. These codes are available throughout the year and can be applied during checkout. Special offers and promo codes can be found on the Surfshark VPN website itself and they are generally automatically applied at checkout but make sure they are applied before you make the payment.  So how does one apply said promo codes or coupons? Well, it is easy as a walk in the park. After you have selected the suitable plan and chosen a payment option you can enter, in a separate box, any promo codes or coupon codes that you might have. Sometimes the website itself offers a promo or discount code. In such a case the code or discount will automatically be entered in the box during checkout. However, do make doubly sure that the codes are applied before making the payment.

Be sure to keep an eye out for special offers that are put out by Surfshark from time to time especially on special occasions such as Christmas, Easter, Cyber Mondays, or Company anniversaries. Company anniversaries are often the best time to grab hold of the best promo codes and offers as during this time companies are eager to showcase their product to as large an audience as possible to further future prospects and increase sales.

While applying any promotional code or coupon code, keep in mind that each code has its own terms and conditions which are very specific. It is recommended that you thoroughly read the terms and conditions of a particular promo code or coupon before applying it. Not all coupons will give you a hefty discount. Some coupons may give you a gift hamper or cash-back in an online wallet. If you are looking for instant discounts it is necessary to apply the right codes. Try to keep a track of all special occasions celebrated by the Surfshark team and keep a tab on the available promo codes at a given time. These codes come with an expiry date that is they only remain valid for a certain specified period of time and it is most important to know the validity of code or coupon before you apply it. You may at times be able to see certain codes that have expired but when you apply that code at checkout it will not yield any satisfactory result beyond its period of validity. So double-check a promo code or coupon’s validity before you apply it.

There are certain web extensions available both on Firefox and Chrome which you can use to keep a track on the best promo or coupon codes available at the time of purchase. The extensions automatically get to work every time you visit a website and try to buy something. The extension prompts you at check out if there are any available codes or discount offers. If there are multiple codes or offers available then it not only shows you all the available codes but also applies the best possible one. You can always change the code if you are not satisfied with it. Once a promo code or a coupon is applied you will get a pleasant discount at checkout which means that you can now enjoy the wonderful features of this VPN at yet more cheap prices than already put up on the website. So hurry up and find the best code for you and go buy the Surfshark VPN app to connect all and any devices just from one account for as little as $1.99 per month or even less.

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