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April Deal! 50% Off LifeLock Ultimate Plus
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How Can LifeLock Ultimate Plus Help You?

With the LifeLock Ultimate Plus, you get 3 Bureau credit monitoring and 3 Bureau credit reports annually. Any crucial changes to your credit file at the three top credit bureaus are immediately notified to you to help prevent financial fraud. You can also get one-bureau credit score tracking on a monthly basis on particular plans. The credit scores provided are based on Equifax data. Investment and retirement accounts are protected from fraudulent cash withdrawals or balance transfers so that your life savings are not stolen.

How Does It Work?

LifeLock Ultimate Plus further provides protection from social security fraud by monitoring fictitious identities connected to your social security number. This helps to prevent criminals from using your name to open off-shore accounts or commit fraud. The company also reviews your credit cards and checks your savings account activity for any suspicious transactions. You can receive alerts directly to your mobile phone for any unnatural cash withdrawals, transfers, or large scale purchases that you did not authorize. The team of experts is professionally trained to handle any form of fraud and provide assistance in dealing with the reclamation of identity. The USA-based restoration team is available throughout the day and provides excellent service.For a very nominal extra charge, you also get Norton anti-virus software and VPN services for an unlimited number of personal devices.

About LifeLock Coupons and Promo Codes

Promo codes are basically promotional codes that are generated by companies to promote products or services and boost sales ahead of any major holidays. Promo codes can also be found during promotional events of the company. These codes offer hefty discounts on the final prices at checkout. Black Friday sales and discounts during company anniversaries are also another great way to get a good discount.

What You Should Know About LifeLock Discount Codes and Deals

An important piece of information regarding the application of promo codes and coupons is that each code is valid only for a definite period of time. The code expires once that period of time is over. Using an expired code will not earn the user any reward so it is even more vital to read the validity of any coupon or promo code before applying it. Any LifeLock promo code or coupon past its expiration date is invalid and the company will not be held accountable if any user applies an expired code. Checking a code’s validity before applying is the sole liability of the customer. Every code carries a specific set of terms and conditions that should also be read and understood for clarity. Terms and conditions are not to be taken lightly (as is the common practice) since terms dictate how any code works and states the exact benefitsthat users are entitled to upon application of the said code.

How To Use LifeLock Coupon Codes?

Payment can be made using credit or debit cards and if you have a promo code then you can enter it before choosing the appropriate plan. The LifeLock promo code box is just below the table listing the plans. Keep an eye out for such promo codes or coupon codes to avail exciting offers or you can subscribe to our newsletter to get the best and the latest promo codes and discount codes right in your mail inbox.

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