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What Makes Goose VPN Good Enough To Consider?

I will just name strong benefits of Goose VPN which make it really attractive over the top competitors, such as NordVPN or ExpressVPN.

  • First of all its price. I have tested many VPN services and can say for sure that this is one of the cheapest one. I’m speaking about long-term subscription plans.
  • Strong encryption protocols and strict no-log policy. The same story here, some VPNs has contradictory statements when it comes to personal data collection and sharing. Goose VPN logging policy lacks of this ambiguity. It doesn’t collect and share personal data with third-parties.
  • Unlimited number of devices. According to my observation there are few VPNs which can boast an unlimited number of devices with 1 subscription.

Goose VPN vs DNS Leak

DNS leaks tests conducted on five major servers returned negative results. Virus scans also did not reveal any threats but a few servers seemed vulnerable to possible virus attacks or unforeseen DNS leaks. DNS and WebRTC leaks are the main impediments to total online privacy as such leaks potentially reveal a user’s real IP address and other sensitive online information to the user’s ISP or hackers and ad trackers. The leaks are impossible to detect under normal circumstances and leak tests need to performed while switching servers on a VPN app to determine if there are any potential DNS or WebRTC leaks. Such leaks need to be immediately dealt with as they are contrary to the very purpose of using a VPN server. Thankfully the Goose VPN servers are secure enough to prevent any DNS or WebRTC leaks which might compromise a client’s privacy. I conducted the leak test and the virus test on the servers in the US, Canada, the UK, Hong Kong, and France.

Does Goose VPN Offer a Kill-Switch?

Yes. A kill switch is one of the most basic features necessary when using any VPN app and Goose does have an active kill switch. Make sure to turn it on as it may not be activated by default. A kill switch disconnects a user’s internet connection at a system level during any drop or disconnection of service so that the real IP address or any other personal online data of the user is not leaked without warning. I prefer to keep the kill switch enabled at all times so that my connection always remains secure. Changing servers is a breeze on Goose VPN. There is no need to disconnect before changing server which is convenient, to say the least. All you do is click on the server list and click on any other server than the one you are already connected to and let Goose do the rest. The kill switch comes especially handy while changing servers as it ensures that your private information is not leaked to your ISP or any third-party apps while the connection is temporarily down during the change.

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